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It’s not representation if they’re being used as a joke or shock factor

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I started a new writing blog today…

I’m by no means distinguished when it comes to writing but I do love it so it would mean a lot to me if you checked it out!! I’ll be posting all sorts of stuff on there.

Thanks xx

zizziswardrobe said: Hey, hope you're well!! Sorry to be a bit random but for some reason this has been on my mind for a while now and i'm curious as to what your thoughts might be... What do you think about cases where children, or perhaps I should say minors, commit crimes but are tried as adults?? What is the point of having separate systems in place to protect young people if this massive loophole exists? Do you think it's ever appropriate? Sorry if my Q is unclear xx


your question isn’t unclear.

the criminal justice system attempts to apply strict rules to often complicated cases. although there are arbitrary age categories, when figuring out if a crime is committed, what is taken into consideration is the mens rea, or the guilty mind. a crime is not just an action but the ability to comprehend one’s actions and to be accountable for it. the categories for who is an adult and who is not is random. for example, in the US a person can vote and enlist in the army at 18 but not drink until 21. what makes a person adult has to do with their ability to be rational. a rational mind that is fully aware and fully calculating, is seen as an adult mind in certain heinous crimes, like murder and rape.

me, personally. i am conflicted. luckily in this country no one who is a juvenile can be sentenced to death. however if you are 14-17, incertain serious cases you can be sentenced as an adult, including life in prison. but those under 14, the max is 10 years.

i say i am conflicted because i understand the reason why a person 14-17 could be sentenced as an adult. we put people in jail for several reasons, including rehabilitation. some people,  and some kids, can be lost and you can tell if they were ever in society, no matter how long the sentence, they may rape or kill again. some people have no hope of rehabilitation. some people need to never be in society.

however, we obviously don’t live in a vacuum and the criminal justice system exists to maintain the order of this country, including the racial and economic hierarchy in this country. so who are the 14-17 year olds more likely to be sentenced as adults? black ones, brown ones. black bodies are never really given the privilege of childhood. from a very young age they are seen as not troubled, like their pale counterparts, but as delinquents and wards of the state. their mistakes lead them on a path not to reform, but to just tossing them away. they have no value to society so they are discarded.

so long story short :)

i understand the theory but abhor the practice. the execution of policies charging children as adult disproportionately targets PoC, specifically poor black boys, and demonstrate a lack of care for their future. however, if the logic could be applied, without the racism, just purely based on the fact that twisted sick people belong in jail, i wouldn’t oppose the practice like i do

i hope that explains my thoughts hun. if not, let me know

Thanks for the brilliant response!! It was along the lines of my thinking but I don’t have sufficient knowledge or understanding of the legal side to make proper sense of it. You’ve cleared my head up for me :)

Also just remembered that it’s been on my mind because I watched an old documentary about a 16 year old called Cyntoia Brown a few weeks ago and it was incredibly depressing to see this young black girl sentenced to life in prison aged 18. The injustice of that case was hard to witness and it’s quite stomach turning to think about how many young black people are thrown in prison and have the key tossed on them like that. *Sigh*

The Daniele Watts story is appalling. The sexual objectification of the Black Woman’s body has simply evolved over the years from having naked African women paraded in freak shows to citing suspicion of being a sex worker as an easy way to stop and search Black women in the streets.

But the subtext of this story is far more disturbing as it’s strung together by the racist, old notion of acceptable Blackness- ‘how could this working film actress be mistaken for a low down, dirty prostitute?!’… What this story really highlights is the disgusting way Black female sex workers are treated by law enforcement and viewed in general… Being a sex worker is not the worst thing a person can be!…

Sex workers are not subhuman or somehow unworthy of fair treatment, respect and protection from police aggression… If you’re getting all outraged about racism whilst shitting all over WOC sex workers you’re really just feeding into the continued sexual objectification and dehumanisation of Black women in general!!…

Either all Black women are worthy of care and respect or none are. Fuck the white liberal media and all this racist respectability politics!!

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Some UK budget facts I’ve learnt today:

  • 4 out of 5 women in work are on the minimum wage
  • 60% of the people not in work, education or training are women
  • Profits from prostitution are accounted for in our GDP

Facts from Women’s Hour via my mum.

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Uplifting dark-skinned women to be seen as equally beautiful as their lighter counterparts is NOT synonymous with hating light skinned women.

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