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In the unlikely event that you care what I think...

The Daniele Watts story is appalling. The sexual objectification of the Black Woman’s body has simply evolved over the years from having naked African women paraded in freak shows to citing suspicion of being a sex worker as an easy way to stop and search Black women in the streets.

But the subtext of this story is far more disturbing as it’s strung together by the racist, old notion of acceptable Blackness- ‘how could this working film actress be mistaken for a low down, dirty prostitute?!’… What this story really highlights is the disgusting way Black female sex workers are treated by law enforcement and viewed in general… Being a sex worker is not the worst thing a person can be!…

Sex workers are not subhuman or somehow unworthy of fair treatment, respect and protection from police aggression… If you’re getting all outraged about racism whilst shitting all over WOC sex workers you’re really just feeding into the continued sexual objectification and dehumanisation of Black women in general!!…

Either all Black women are worthy of care and respect or none are. Fuck the white liberal media and all this racist respectability politics!!

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Some UK budget facts I’ve learnt today:

  • 4 out of 5 women in work are on the minimum wage
  • 60% of the people not in work, education or training are women
  • Profits from prostitution are accounted for in our GDP

Facts from Women’s Hour via my mum.

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Uplifting dark-skinned women to be seen as equally beautiful as their lighter counterparts is NOT synonymous with hating light skinned women.

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